Whats it all about?

Failure-free operation of solar panels is a pre-requisite for efficient power generation, long life, and a high return on investment.

UAV deployment ensures failure-free operation, a fast, simple and reliable method to evaluate a solar panel’s performance. This should be applied both during the installation process and during use.

Thermal sensor equipped Unmanned Aerial Vehicle take aerial images of solar panels.
Thermal imagery identifies parts of solar panels that are hotter than others.
Interconnection problems identified if entire modules warmer than usual.
Defective bypass diodes / internal short-circuits shown as hot spots.

Shadowing and cracks in cells show up as hot spots or polygonal patches in the thermal image. The temperature rise of a cell or of part of a cell indicates a defective cell or shadowing.

UAV thermal sensor equipped inspections can be used as quality control in the installation phase, followed by regular check-ups – facilitating complete and simple system condition monitoring. Maintain solar panel functionality and extend lifetime.

Our cloud analytics service gives you all the vital statistics you need such as; how effective the installation is producing energy, scheduled maintenance and maintenance history, a week by week percentage output of efficiency and orthomosaic images of each and every inspection from the programme.

Weekly Reporting

The use of Team UAV’s thermal imaging sensor equipped UAVs for solar farm evaluation offers several advantages:

  • A repeatable pre-determined, autonomous flight path means the exact same flight is flown each time the survey is carried out.
  • Our thermal sensor equipped UAVs can be used to scan installed solar panels during normal operation. Sensing failure in real time.
  • Our UAVs allow large areas to be inspected within an extremely short time frame, increasing productivity, operational effectiveness and adding real world value.

Cost Effective

In a single day we can evaluate a solar farm’s output effectiveness as a percentage. This enables engineers to fix, replace or service panels quickly and efficiently, not only bringing the site up to 100% efficiency in record breaking time, but keeping it that way week in week out.